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About With This Nest

:::::: ABOUT THE BLOG ::::::

With This Nest began in October 2008, very shortly after my husband and I were married.  I had already been writing a wedding blog for the year and a half preceding our wedding and wanted to create a space to document our lives going forward.  You'll find random tidbits about our daily lives, some of my favorite recipes, inspiration for decorating our home and pretty much anything else I feel the need to blather on about!

:::::: ABOUT THE AUTHOR ::::::

When I started writing in this space my husband and I were newly married and enjoying living downtown Chicago with our crazy schnauzer, Lola. Since then we have experienced the joys of selling said condo (sense the sarcasm), relocating to Charlotte, NC and becoming the extremely proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. When I am not putting my business degree to use during the day I love to create, am hopelessly addicted to magazines, ridiculously indecisive, and love to imbibe in my two favorite drinks – coffee and wine. With a baby in the picture, those beverages are now more necessary than ever! You can also find me on my wedding blog, With This Ring. Thanks for stopping by!


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