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Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Baskets

Admittedly, I love pulling together ideas for Easter baskets.  Last year baby girl fit into hers when the teething rings and bunny were emptied out of it ((tear)) but this year I am excited to watch her rifle through her goodies.  

Her basket will be filled with the kitty pictured above, as someone is really into "eee-ows" these days (and let's be honest, I'll use any excuse to buy another jellycat which is the closest she will come to owning an actual kitty given a family full of allergies).  And she is also being gifted a cute bunny sippy cup I recently picked up at Target but can't find a link to because UGH their website is awful, is it not? As well as the Alphabook set, as suggested by E at Oh Apostrophe.  

I am going to make her some felt bunny pouches using this tutorial, and fill them with some Annie's bunny grahams. That's as close as she'll be coming to sugar this year because the human coffee pot needs no help in the energy department.  And as a public service announcement to parents of toddlers I feel obligated to share with you the Peek 'N Peep egg set.  We were recently gifted a set of our very own (thanks, Aunt Jenny!) and those little eggs have allowed me to drink an entire cup of coffee, uninterrupted, for two mornings in a row.  I am not sure what it is about those little things in their yellow container, but pay heed and get some for your own self toddler!


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