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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Favorite Baby Products - First Three Months

When I was pregnant I loved reading about other Mom's favorite baby products.  When a momma who has been in the trenches sincerely says they can't live without something, I always take that to heart!  We didn't register for anything revolutionary, and I am happy to say we used almost all of what we thought we would need (the one exception really being the bumbo chair, but baby girl sat up by herself pretty early).  My registry gurus were the ever fabulous My Life in Transition and Oh! Apostrophe...I am not sure I have much to add to their lists because I copied them pretty closely.  So instead of reiterating what they've already said so well, I thought I would share a list of the things I wouldn't have wanted to live without those first three months.  And oh what a glamorous three months they were!

1. Em had a pretty serious reflux situation when she was smaller, so bibs and burp cloths were staples of our first few months...I am pretty sure there was one thrown over about every surface of our house at any given moment.  The Aden + Anais burpy bib combined both of those things into one, and honestly it looked cute to use when we were out of the house.

2.  The boppy lounger graces probably 80% of the pictures from our first couple months at home.  It was such a great place to lay her down when we wanted to sit on the couch (she would just hang out in between us) and for the rougher nights we would also put it in between our heads in bed.  She spent so much time in that bad boy there is worn spot from her little booty!

3.  We're still nursing, and this is still the only bottle baby girl will take.  They're designed to make the transition easier for breastfed babies and even though a lot of the Amazon reviews talk about them leaking, we've never had a problem. 

4.  Our little wiggle worm had to be swaddled until she was around three months old, so we tried a lot of different blankets.  We did love the aden + anais swaddles (the regular ones are great and the bamboo are so soft I could cry about it) but when she got a little older and could bust out of those pretty easily we needed something more substantial.  I am not sure why these worked, but the swaddle we both reached for in the later months was this one from giggle.  It's cute, not quite as soft as the others but worked well for a really tight hold.

5.  If I had to pick one product I absolutely couldn't have lived without those first few months, it would be the moby wrap.  It's not an exaggeration to say that Em spent the majority of her time cuddled up in there her first few months (daddy even got in on the action).  Maybe it was her colic/reflux situation, but when we couldn't make her happy that worked every time.  Plus, it meant I had my hands free...I brushed crumbs off her head more times than I care to admit.

6.  As previously mentioned, we used a LOT of burp cloths.  We had the standard Gerber cloth diapers, but these Bumkins prefolds were our favorite...much more absorbent than the others.

7.  I read The Happiest Baby on the Block while I was pregnant, but had no idea how much I would use it or how those techniques would improve our overall existence.  I think I read it around 6-7 months pregnant, so by the time I needed the info at 4AM on our second night in the hospital I couldn't remember a damn thing I read.  Enter the DVD!  I have a vivid memory of Brad and I sitting on the couch watching it and thinking "yeah right, there is no way this is working" and nearly falling out of our seats when it did work.  We're pretty sure people should be sent home from the hospital with this thing and will definitely be investing in the toddler version when the time comes!

8.  This seems gross, but those nose aspirators they give you in the hospital are worthless.  The snot doesn't actually get in your mouth (there are filters) and when you need to clean out some nostrils in the middle of the night you'll be glad you have this around!

9.  The Rock 'n Play Sleeper was another staple that I wouldn't have wanted to do without.  Again, the reflux might have been the reason Em liked this so much (it's an incline vs. lying flat) but she also logged a lot of hours sleeping in this.  It's super easy to travel with and move from room to room because it folds flat.  As she got older it was also the perfect place to sit her while we were having dinner.

I think that about sums it up!  The only other thing I can think to mention is an iPhone app to track eating, sleeping and diaper changes.  I know a lot of people like the Itzbeen, but I pretty much always have my phone with me (and used it to entertain myself during marathon nursing sessions) so it made more sense for me to just use that.  I heard great things about the Baby Connect app, but honestly that was a little too much for me - I wanted something simple and easy, and didn't like using a timer/stopwatch to record her meals because I could never remember to start or stop the thing.  I just needed to write down when and how long she nursed, so the Eat Sleep app worked perfectly for us (and it's free).  I am still using it!