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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life, Lately...

Everything is in full bloom in the Carolinas, which means our daily walks are now prettier and filled with a lot of colors to admire. We celebrated a quiet Easter with just my parents and the little one thoroughly enjoyed her first Easter basket. She is teething, so that is a whole new level of exhaustion and sleep deprivation for us all that (once again) I severely underestimated. I think she is cutting at least three at one time...yikes. But despite the crankiness we had some new family photos taken with the fabulous Whitebox Photography last week. It was a gorgeous day and I can hardly wait to see them! Also, baby sunglasses? Priceless.

PS - I am addicted to Instagram! Do you have an account? My username is: withthisnest


Julia said...

love this. And yes, I love all of your instagram pics---I'm obsessed, too!

Kates said...

Eloise my littlest is popping teeth too! she just got her two front bottom teeth! I totally feel your pain on the lack of sleep!