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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Nursery

As of yesterday it is finally finished, and I am so happy with how it turned out. We got a late start on this little room mainly just because of all we had been through to get to this point. I had a lot of mixed emotions (mainly anxiety) about actually starting to create a space for our girl because I was still so nervous that something might go wrong. So we slowly pieced things together over the last few months and it is now officially my favorite room in the house.

Aside from being really excited to actually use the space, I adore this room because of all the love and little details that went into creating it. My Mom made the crib bumper by hand, the husband built the bookshelves, the bench, the foot stool and he was the mastermind in charge of the stripes (there might have been some swearing involved with that project). I made the mobile, some of the artwork and the pillows. My Dad cut custom mats for the frames and my Mom also made the curtains. The frames that the bunny pictures are hanging in were actually from the photobooth at our wedding, and the little silver picture frame above the dresser was a gift from when I was born, engraved with my birth statistics. The "love" pillow was a housewarming gift from when we first moved in together and even though you can't see it because her name is still a secret (much to my family's dismay) the ends of the bookshelves are monogrammed with baby's initial, in the same font as our wedding stationery. Even the stuffed pig has a special meaning between Brad and I, dating back to our first Valentine's Day together (in 1999...yikes).

*Edited to add: the paint colors we used were Martha Stewart "Heavy Goose" color matched in Olympic Low-VOC paint, and Olympic Low-VOC "Delicate White."*

I am officially 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow and more excited than ever to meet our girl. The waiting really does start to mess with you a little towards the end but I keep reminding myself to cherish the last few days of having her all to myself. I can't wait to see her face, to get to know her and I absolutely can't wait to be her Mommy...it's been a long time coming. I will be back soon with all the details of her arrival!

And of course, this one is still hanging around. She loves the rug in the nursery because it's soft and there is a window nearby just her height. She planted herself here the entire time I was taking pictures...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Nursery Preview

There is one more tiny project being installed tomorrow, and then the nursery will be complete. It's not a very big room but it has quickly become my favorite space in the house. I'll be back soon with all the rest of the pictures, but for now I am still here and still very pregnant!