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Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend: In Pictures

It was a fabulous weekend around here - flea markets, thrift stores, several walks with the pooch in the warm fall weather and finalizing the paperwork on our new house! It really ended up being the perfect situation - a newly renovated house that is having trouble being sold due to the awful housing market, so we're going to rent it for a year and take care of it while we decide exactly where we want to live.

I will share some pictures soon, but in the meantime we are pondering the task of outfitting an entire house with furniture. It's kind of amusing how it used to seem like we had so much stuff, and ultimately we have living room and bedroom furniture. The good news is that there is a rocking Pottery Barn outlet nearby, and we're also hitting up some thrift stores so we can re-purpose some gently loved items (this weekend I found the cutest lamp for $2.50 that we're going to paint and make new). I tried to fight it for quite awhile after the condo renovation of '05 (uh, and I guess '06 too) but we are apparently "rehabbers" at heart. As soon as we found out we got the new house there was talk of refinishing furniture, building a giant upholstered ottoman, etc. The good news is that this time we have a climate controlled garage, so there won't ever be a wet saw in my bathtub!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Guest Room {Again}

Yes that's right, I am still enthusiastically decorating the guest bedroom in my head. The good news is - it looks like we found a house! It is certainly heading in the direction of working out perfectly, but I will wait to show you all and explain the details until we know for sure. In the meantime, I might be sold on this duvet cover for the twin bed guest room. I love love the yellow and grey palette but I didn't want anything that was bright, sunshine, I might go blind, yellow. These muted tones seem perfect.