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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guest Rooms

Now that we're looking for a house (a whole house!), I am finding myself really preoccupied with thoughts of a guest room. I don't know why it's so fascinating to me...maybe because our condo was so not conducive to having more than three or four people there at a time. The other word that always peaks my interest is "storage." I know the realtors down here think we're nuts when they mention an attic, and Brad and I bound up the stairs shouting, "Storage? Storage! Look at those exposed beams! We won't have to keep your golf clubs in the trunk anymore!"

But anyway, the guest room. I keep coming back to thoughts of twin beds sharing a room, which seems slightly 1962 but also sort of practical. It could expand the room to be shared by two people who wouldn't normally care to share a bed (say, when my Aunt and cousin come to stay). But really I think the appeal lies in the symmetry of it all...oh the symmetry. The idea of matching headboards with a table in between makes me endlessly happy!
Collage One: Better Home & Gardens | Creed | House Beautiful | Veranda
Collage Two: Both from Domino

Collage Three: Apartment Therapy


rebekah said...

I love being in a guest room with twin beds as well. I get really excited to have my own bed. Newlywed phase must be over!

Your Wedding Hostesses said...

I think two twin beds is GREAT! Much more practical for a guestroom!