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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guest Rooms

Now that we're looking for a house (a whole house!), I am finding myself really preoccupied with thoughts of a guest room. I don't know why it's so fascinating to me...maybe because our condo was so not conducive to having more than three or four people there at a time. The other word that always peaks my interest is "storage." I know the realtors down here think we're nuts when they mention an attic, and Brad and I bound up the stairs shouting, "Storage? Storage! Look at those exposed beams! We won't have to keep your golf clubs in the trunk anymore!"

But anyway, the guest room. I keep coming back to thoughts of twin beds sharing a room, which seems slightly 1962 but also sort of practical. It could expand the room to be shared by two people who wouldn't normally care to share a bed (say, when my Aunt and cousin come to stay). But really I think the appeal lies in the symmetry of it all...oh the symmetry. The idea of matching headboards with a table in between makes me endlessly happy!
Collage One: Better Home & Gardens | Creed | House Beautiful | Veranda
Collage Two: Both from Domino

Collage Three: Apartment Therapy

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There are these pretty pink flowers blooming on the trees (bushes?) outside the townhouse. I didn't know there were things that bloomed in October, and I am mildly fascinated by them. No idea what type of flower it is, but I am guessing my Mom will know when she gets here! Aren't they lovely?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Moving Out

In my experience, when blogs go silent for extended periods of time that usually means something is up. And in our case it meant a pretty major adjustment - we are officially Carolinians! Last month we quite literally packed all our things into a moving fan (basically by ourselves, despite the fact that we hired over-priced movers) and left Chicago behind. We started to toy around with the idea of leaving the city awhile ago but the economy and the housing market had other plans. And as these things go, what took a long time to happen ultimately did happen so quickly that we barely had time to say goodbye!

In the end we sold our condo twice, once packing up all of our belongings only to have the sale fall through days before the closing. I am not sure why interrogators even mess with those tactics they use - as far as I am concerned they should just make people pack up all of their wordly belongings, stare at the boxes for days, and then unpack all the same crap back in its original place. I would have confessed to anything halfway through the unpacking! But we're here (in South Carolina for the moment) staying at my parent's townhouse and looking for a house (a house!!) in North Carolina. Its so exciting and completely surreal but we are loving the warm weather and wide open spaces. So, that's what has been going on around here. I will definitely be back to regular posting now that things have slowed down a bit. And we've been cooking up a storm so there is much to share! In the meantime, here are some of the views around these parts...

And of course, this character is still hanging around. During the 12+ hours it took us to drive down here there was a lot of sighing from her in the backseat (as if it was my idea of a good time to sit in the car for that long and just forced her along for the ride). But she is happily adjusted and almost instantly declared a turf war with the chipmunks. Alvin & Theodore are her worst nightmare.