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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meet My Planner

I've embraced the age of technology - I blog, I tweet, I pause live TV. But despite the fact that I walk around with a blackberry in my purse, I still have to have a planner! I usually begin the hunt in November, as I've yet to find one that I've liked enough to purchase two years in a row. But this year I think I might be on to something...the adorable little houndstooth number above is currently in my hot little hands!

The planners are from Pretty Chic SF, and you can get one for yourself in their etsy store. They're perfectly sized (in my opinion) and you have the option to get a matching notebook! One needs a matching notebook for list making, don't you know. I probably should have told you all about this earlier because they have a free shipping offer going on right now,
but it only lasts through tomorrowextended through Friday!