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Monday, June 1, 2009

Bread Cheese

We went to our local farmers market this weekend, and even though we've been there several times before I've somehow missed Brunkow's baked cheese. Have you ever had this stuff?? It comes in the brick that you see above, which you heat up and then serve. The man at the booth told me its good on a variety of crackers, with syrup (not so sure about that) or on its own. I am currently of the mindset that it would be sacrilegious to taint it with measly crackers.

I found an article about it here (which is where I found the picture) and their website is here. Apparently it can be found at some Whole Foods and at the farmers market it was available in three flavors - regular, garlic and jalapeno. I tried them all and bought the garlic, but they were each equally fabulous. You should strongly consider stopping whatever it is you're doing right now and running out to find yourself some. Really.


live a colorful life said...

Will do. You have not steered me wrong yet with anything foodie.

Dee.Dee© said...

Yes, I went to the farmers makert and bout the same cheese....... I'm hooked