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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lobster and Swan

First of all, just try and convince me that "Lobster and Swan" isn't one of the cutest little shop names you've ever heard. It gives me the urge to rename Lola to Lobster and get her a sister named Swan. Then when people ask us that our dogs names are, I can proudly say "Lobster & Swan." Brad would love that.

This adorable little store with the even cuter name sells all sorts of things, but I am loving these little boxes full of treasures. I can think of very few friends who would be as excited to get something like this as I would, but there are a few. There aren't any boxes of treasures for sale in the shop right now, which I may or may not be stalking until they put up some new inventory.

On another note, I stayed with my cousin in NYC this weekend who is in the midst of some shockingly horrible respiratory illness. I was the freak with the hand sanitizer and the disinfecting wipes the entire time - what anyone wants in a house guest. And now I am living in a panic that he has given me that stupid pig flu (yes, I know they're calling it the swine flu, but pig flu sounds better. I am changing it) There have been 28 confirmed cases in NYC. Pray for my immune system.


Julia said...

eewwwwww, I hope the pig doesn't get you. So freaky!

But I love the name of that company, for sure. And yay for New York!