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Sunday, April 19, 2009


In my little world, there are few things better than having fresh flowers in the house. A couple of months ago Brad was going out to run errands and he asked me if I needed anything. For no real reason I asked if he would pick up some flowers. He grabbed an inexpensive bunch at the grocery store and ever since then we've just been replacing them. Some bouquets last weeks, others only a few days, but there is something so cheery and refreshing about having bunches of flowers hanging around.

This weekend we were walking around our neighborhood and since we were in need of some new flowers (note: snapdragons don't last very long) we stopped into A New Leaf. Anyone who has visited us from out of town is all too familiar with this adorable little flower shop, as I drag people in there just to look around on a regular basis. They seriously make the most beautiful arrangements - this amazing bouquet that I got for my birthday is from there.

There were orange ranunculus that I just couldn't resist, so they paired them with those crazy green things (I think they called them lotus blossoms?) and some little yellow flowers. When we were walking home this strange man came up to us and asked if we had bought the flowers for ourselves. I assumed the next question would be whether or not we had any money to spare, or some rant about spending frivilously in this economy. He didn't seem like one that would appreciate flowers. But instead he nodding knowingly and said "Right on. It's a quality of life thing." Yes, strange man. Yes it is.


Maggie said...

I feel the exact same way about fresh flowers - they say "Relax: You're Home!" to me even more than a clean kitchen. That bouquet of yours is ridiculously amazing, btw...

jw said...

Oh, those are very interesting. As you know, I'm a BIG fan of fresh flowers. Keep them coming.

Tara said...

They have had such pretty ranunculus in there lately! I looooove ANL