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Monday, March 23, 2009

Mosaic Tiles

There is this crazy house (condo? townhouse?) a few blocks away from us that I am fascinated with. You can kind of see inside the gate to what looks like several apartments but its hard to tell. Anyway, all of the walls and the sidewalk surrounding it are covered in mosaic tiles. Most of them are old and faded, the majority are chipped, but I still think it is so beautiful. I tried to make a mosaic vase once. It did not turn out well.


Karen - Lucky Me said...

Have you ever been to Barcelona? They have so much mosaic stuff, including a park! I love the bright colors and I think it's so fun.

JHRME said...

That looks fun! It makes me think of the lady in the Harriet the Spy movie with all the crazy cool stuff in her yard!