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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Office Decor

Another cute idea for making an office out of a tiny space - grouping clipboards together to make a bulletin board of sorts. I am thinking that I could get away with one shelf and a row of these in my office "space." You can read about how to execute the clipboard idea here.

I will try to take some before pics of the space soon so you can see how it transforms...and while I am at it I will share some pictures of the rest of our condo too. We bought it about three years ago and gutted almost the entire thing. I have a bunch of "before" pictures but haven't taken many since, long overdue!


Lindsay said...

I love your wedding blog so I'm very excited about your new blog. Can't wait to see pics of your condo!

Kelly Oshiro said...

I saw this idea somewhere else and I've already bought the clip boards. I think I'm going to spray paint mine because I don't have the patience to cover them with paper. I'm using them for my "inspiration" wall. Can't wait to see pics of your pad!

Amanda said...

I did this and it's WONDERFUL. I don't have to rifle through the stacks of paper my desk anymore, and I can just attack one thing at a time. I have four:
1) Work
2) Bills/Stupid things
3) Inspiration
4) Crafty projects

kayce hughes said...

i love it. i am going to do it for my office. our colors are white pink and red. so now i am going to be on the hunt for different papers in our color scheme. PS Do you know if decoupage glue is any different than plain old elmers?