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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As much as I still love writing about weddings, now that we're newlyweds I have some time to think about things other than seating arrangements and hair trials (phew!). So rather than bombarding everyone who comes to With This Ring for their daily wedding intake, I thought I would start another blog. There isn't any specific content so there shall be no promises of consistency, but I hereby pledge to do my best in the way of recipe sharing (you know, on those few nights a month I actually cook).

The lack of format and attempt to censor really personal details likely means this blog will be about a whole lot of nothing, but isn't that the essence of blogging anyway? It's the little, seemingly unimportant things that are fun to read about. Or you'll just wind up thinking I am shallow and annoying, in which case I request that you simply call me names under your breath and close your browser (seriously, I can't take a lot of hate mail). Be gentle.